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Gutter Cleaning

​Rain Gutter Maintenance

Gutter cleaning cost is quite reasonable in the Paterson, New Jersey area. When you factor in the cost of repairing damaged gutters from a clog, cleaning gutters is much more cost-effective.

Things that affect the cost of a gutter cleaning service are:

  • The last time your gutters were serviced

  • The height and size of the home.

  • If you have gutters around your entire home or certain spots.

  • If you have an attached garage.

People often ignore their rain gutters because they think:

  • It doesn’t matter if they are cleaned (gutters should be cleaned regularly or they can become clogged and damaged)

  • It is pricey to hire a professional to service them (have you called to get your free quote?)

  • You can do it yourself and will get to it soon and save some cash (it would take all weekend and you could hurt yourself)

  • No one will notice the plants and birds living in your gutters (they will)

  • Your friends and family enjoy the excessive amount of bugs that are attracted to the clogged up water in your gutters (they don’t)

  • The rodents that are living in your gutters won’t chew into your attic (you hope not!)

Do gutters with screens need to still be cleaned?

Yes, they do, just not as often. Screens stop large debris from getting in however small debris, such as seed pollen can and will still get into gutters and cause clogs. They do not all washout.

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

One of the keys in protecting your home from expensive repairs is maintaining and cleaning out your gutters. When gutters are clogged they can cause cracks, flooding, leaks, ruined landscaping, foundation issues as well as pest problems. ​

Why you need clean Gutters

​While maintaining our homes we change the Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors, have the HVAC serviced as well as keep up our yards, and many more things. Taking care of a home is work as well as with everything on a person's plate things can get overlooked. Cleaning out gutters is one of the things that can get overlooked. Whether it is because it is the chore you keep putting off or you did not know it needed to get done, we are here to help.

Gutters working together with your home's roofing system are part of the main defense for your home. Besides completing your curb appeal, gutters help guide and control the flow of rainwater, which protects the landscaping, walls, and roof. Debris such as leaves, pollen, seeds, and even dust make their way into the gutters and make them susceptible to clogging.

Clogged gutters can cause big problems if not taken care of and will eventually compromise the integrity of the property. Here are just a few reasons you should have your gutters cleaned and serviced regularly:

​1. Clogged gutters will end up damaging your roof

Clogged gutters obstruct the proper water flow in the channels, causing rainwater to overflow. This overflowing water on the roof will damage your roof and require expensive repairs. The gutters can even become so damaged that you need to replace the entire roof.​

​2. Clogged gutters make ideal home for pests

Debris accumulation in gutters makes them a good hub for pests such as mosquitoes and wasps, rodents as well as infestation by disease-causing organisms. This can become a health hazard to your friends and family. Cleaning the gutter eliminates the rot and gets rid of the prime living conditions for these pests.

3. Clogged gutters can damage your home’s foundation

A gutter designed is to collect rainwater and give it a route away from vital parts of the home like the foundation. However, when the gutters become clogged, they overflow causing the water to drip or flow too close to the foundation and compromise its stability. ​

4. Protect your home’s value

Clogged gutters affect the aesthetic value of your home, the curb apparel, as well as generally lower the overall valuation of a home you intend to sell. Repairing the gutters will not only improve the curb appeal but protect the home from damage, providing a better valuation.

​Although it sounds like an easy job that you can do over a weekend, it is wise to hire professionals who have the right tools and expertise for cleaning gutters. Paterson Gutter Service employs only the best-trained professionals. Call today for more information on our gutter cleaning services.